Saturday, August 4, 2012

The excitement goes on...

OK, here we go with some taste of the London Olympic experience:

The usual touristic hotspots - Oxford Circus, Westminter Bridge etc. - are rather deserted. Rightfully so, everybody looks to the epicentre of World Sports, the Olympic Park, and the other Olympic sites around the city.

From a first hand Olympic experience in Volleyball at Earl's Court, I confirm that those at the venues are incredibly excited about the events. Team GB is getting an incredible support from the crowds. Unsurprisingly, they are doing very well in the competition.

Out of all these great performances, a few deserve special attention in my opinion. British Cycling is one of them. Initiated with a silver medal for Lizzie Armistead on the road on Sunday, followed with a stellar performance by Bradly "King Wiggo" Wiggins around Hampton Court, the British Track cyclists have now taken control of the Velodrome. They have been smashing one world record after another. Team Sprint, Team Pursuit, Keirin... and I am certain there will be more records as well as gold medals to come.

There is just one thing left for me to say: Tune in to the BBC today (and tomorrow, and the day after...) and enjoy the show!

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